Much more effective than bleach! ': 'Guaranteed' grout cleaning technique prevents 'damage'

 Typically, a quick spritz of cleaning solution and a gentle rub with a clean cloth will make bathroom tiles glisten. The grout's intersecting lines, on the other hand, are a totally different matter. Grout is often light-colored and porous and is made from a combination of water, cement, and sand. This combination is lethal and likely to leave stains.

Don't use bleach, Ellie Rayner said, as it destroys grout. I substitute water and bicarbonate of soda instead.

Avoid using bleach since it will harm and destroy the grout, advised Catherine Bell. A paste made of baking soda and water was the only thing I could find to work.

Much more effective than bleach! ': 'Guaranteed' grout cleaning technique prevents 'damage'

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Bleach shouldn't be used, according to Kazel Grierson, as it weakens the grout and makes it easier for moisture to penetrate. discovered the hard way following a leak that cost thousands to fix.

The experts at Grout Medic agreed that bleach shouldn't be used to clean grout.

They suggested against using bleach or ammonia to clean grout.

Bleach or ammonia-based cleaning products not only cause your grout to deteriorate over time, but they also leave a film behind that attracts dirt, making your grout even worse.

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