Ikea kitchen designs for small spaces: 10 chic and functional ideas

Ikea kitchen designs for small spaces: 10 chic and functional ideas

 It takes a lot of work to design any kitchen, but when there is limited space, it can be especially challenging to create a space that is both functional and attractive. However, there are many options available with some innovative thinking and clever small kitchen ideas.

Ikea kitchen ideas offer a variety of solutions specifically created for tiny spaces and in styles to suit all tastes, from fitted modular cabinet systems to freestanding pieces. Or, you may consider modifying an Ikea kitchen with some inventive hacks for something more special.


Small Ikea kitchen designs are fantastic since they are so adaptable. Ikea(opens in new tabmodular )'s cabinets are available in a variety of standard sizes, are designed for self-assembly, and can be arranged in an infinite number of ways to design the ideal tiny kitchen plan. Additionally, a broad variety of multipurpose freestanding kitchens and kitchen storage solutions are available, ranging from compact vegetable trolleys to conveniently transportable kitchen islands should you need more space for entertaining.

Ikea kitchen designs for small spaces: 10 chic and functional ideas

Utilizing the height of a space is crucial when a room's footprint is constrained. Tall METOD MAXIMERA cabinets with shelves or drawers are only one of the standard-sized, reasonably priced Ikea items that may be used to maximize tiny areas.

Use all of your kitchen's height. Make sure your cabinets extend as nearly as possible to the ceiling. There, less often used objects can be kept, and a step stool will make them convenient to use when needed, according to Grant Robertson, interior design leader at IKEA UK & Ireland.

A fantastic technique to have the look of a fashionable, high-end kitchen for a fraction of the cost is to fit custom doors to Ikea carcasses.

Ikea kitchen designs for small spaces: 10 chic and functional ideas

Here, interior designer Melissa Coleman has updated the kitchen of her Minnesota vacation home, Minne Stuga(opens in new tab), with Ikea cabinets and Semi Handmade(opens in new tab)shaker-style doors that perfectly match the cedar-clad interior and the wooded backdrop. A built-in dishwasher contributes to the uniform appearance, and the checkered floor provides a playful contrast.

The most effective use of space may be to attach cabinets to just one wall, which can enlarge the appearance of a tiny kitchen. Interior designer and author Cate St Hill(opens in new tab) maximized every square inch of this compact Ikea kitchen.

I decided to add an additional row of units above the top cabinets over the workbench and extend the kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Open shelving is something I would have loved, but it would never have been practical, claims Cate St. Hill. 'I always think the space above units becomes a bit of a lost space anyway, unavoidably left to get dusty. This implies that we can store whatever we don't necessarily use every day, such as vases, cookbooks, and baking supplies.

Due to the limited area, Cate decided on a modern, minimalist grey kitchen with VEDDINGE matt grey doors. "I made the decision to keep things as simple as possible. That meant straightforward kitchen doors with push openers in place of handles and integrated appliances, including an extractor fan. It helps the kitchen blend into the wall and gives a neater finish, in my opinion, giving off a more streamlined appearance.

Cate chose a modern, minimalist grey kitchen with VEDDINGE matt grey doors because of the small space. "I made the decision to keep things as simple as possible. Simple kitchen doors with push openers in place of handles and integrated equipment, such as an extractor fan, were required. In my opinion, it provides a neater finish and makes the kitchen meld into the wall, giving the impression of being more streamlined.

A conventionally sized hob might not be necessary, depending on how frequently you use the kitchen. In a compact kitchen, induction hobs with one or two zones save up a lot of worktop space. When not in use, a portable solution like TILLREDA can even be totally put away, according to Grant Robertson.


The sturdy and inexpensive Ikea carcasses create a wonderful foundation for adding unique features, and there are specialized businesses that can collaborate with you to improve the appearance and usefulness of an Ikea kitchen.

Dave Young, the owner of Husk Kitchens, advises when designing a small kitchen to "make sure every inch of space is utilized by designing storage to fit into every awkward space, whether that is very shallow shelves for herbs or narrow shelves for wine bottles, or drawers built into steps, every corner can be used" (opens in new tab). For clients who want to make the most of their space, "We frequently create bespoke storage that fits alongside the conventional sized Ikea kitchen units."

Think about the little things, such as breakfast bar designs for small kitchens and small kitchen islands.

With this client's kitchen, we completely customized it, elevating the Ikea skeletal modules to a whole new level. On the island, we installed custom shelving, and we added more seating at the breakfast bar.

You can transform Ikea cabinets into something truly one-of-a-kind by adding custom doors. Why not try ply doors from Plykea if you want a Scandinavian kitchen with a splash of color? Their interior designer demonstrates the advantages of changing the doors while keeping Ikea's innovative kitchen organization solutions.

Ikea kitchens are also quite useful and nicely designed. According to Anne Clouston, designer at Plykea, "their kitchen storage organizers and accessories are meticulously studied, allowing you to modify the kitchen to your needs, making cooking and mealtimes more effective" (opens in new tab).

There are countless ways to customize an IKEA kitchen using our fronts to create a space that is exclusively yours. The finished kitchen has a

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