I'm in awe. With this "wonder" kitchen product, "stubborn" brown stains on oven doors can be removed.

I'm in awe. With this "wonder" kitchen product, "stubborn" brown stains on oven doors can be removed.

A dirty oven door can make it difficult to see what is cooking within, and it also contains bits of incinerated baking paper, layers and layers of grease, and other things you don't want to be contaminating your food. Fortunately, cleaning oven doors isn't hard, and Mrs. Hinch's followers have revealed their preferred techniques for cleaning this part of the device.

Food residue and grease from the food you cook in the oven that adheres to the oven door is what causes these brown stains.

Cleaning that brown discolored oven can make it appear like a brand-new equipment and will completely transform your kitchen.

After years of using potent chemical cleansers to clean the oven door, Paula Simmonds said: "I was advised to try a dishwasher tablet, and it has changed my life.

"I am astounded that a standard dishwasher tablet will effectively remove tough stains from my oven. Truly a miraculous cleaner, you must give it a try.

"All you have to do is dampen a dishwasher tablet and scrape the glass just a little bit. To prevent the pill from scratching the glass, keep it moist by continually dipping it in water.

Tina West retorted, "Yes, I completely concur! It does the job so well and is so inexpensive. I can go for ages with a box of dishwasher tablets.

Cheap dishwasher tablets can be used as a pumice stone, and the task only takes ten minutes, according to Pauline Collindridge.

"Wet a dishwasher tablet, rub on oven door, and it gets all the little charred parts off," suggested Kathleen Clark.

"Scouring can compromise the integrity of the glass, so use a wet dishwashing tablet instead," Sarah Oakley continued. It's a real winner.

Given that the tablets claim to remove baked-on food, and that stains in the oven are undoubtedly baked-on, it makes plausible that those potent cleaning agents also work on oven grease and food stains.

Additionally, the abrasive surface of the hard powder tablets helps remove those stubborn stains while remaining soft enough not to scratch the oven glass.

Dishwasher tablets are very inexpensive, costing £3 for a bag of 30 at Asda. This amounts to one penny each tablet. Additionally, Wilko sells the powder tablets in packs of 40 for £3 to Britons.

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