More people are taking advantage of their outdoor spaces, regardless of size, as more people are learning about the positive effects of nature on our health and wellbeing.

Designing balcony garden ideas can be difficult, but it becomes even more difficult when the balcony is particularly small and exposed to the elements. Fortunately, there are many inventive methods to make even the smallest balconies and small backyards into useful and lovely locations.

Creating comfort and aesthetic appeal is key to making the most of a limited balcony space. To carry your internal design and decor selections outside, the balcony should be an extension of the indoor room. According to Megan Dufresne, principle designer of MC Design, if you create something welcoming and comfy, you are more inclined to use it.

A balcony should be an extension of your house, so utilizing complementary colors and furnishings can assist to bring that pleasant feeling from the inside out, says interior designer Shanade McAllister Fisher(opens in new tab). This concept will be strengthened by layering textures, such as outside rugs, cozy couches, chunky wraps, and warm flickering tea light lamps.

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This modular design is excellent for a tiny balcony because it is flexible enough to be readily reconfigured should the balcony's arrangement alter, and the imitation rattan material gives the area a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Think about low-profile designs when selecting furnishings for a small balcony. According to interior designer Sarah Barnard, "Comfortable, low-profile furniture makes the most of the wonderful views and also maintains a sensation of spaciousness."

Kimberly Kronberger, head of US operations for Ikea(opens in new tab), advises choosing furniture that can stretch, stack, or fold to save room when not in use when furnishing a small balcony. In order to make room for more pots to enliven the balcony on gloomy days, folding or stackable chairs are excellent space-saving options that can be quickly packed away in the winter.

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